Thanks for everything. Daniel did an awesome job. I'll definitely recommend you to the HOA association for potential future customers. 
Jerry N.
I have used RDS for air conditioning repair and maintenance. Plus, they cleaned out my dryer vent. I was shocked at how much lint accumulates over time and I can see how it can be a fire hazard if not removed. Thank you RDS for such great customer service!!
Angie B.
I have used RDS for our AC since moving in our house 3 years ago. He has provided great service at a great price. I also had Rian clean our dryer vent. It is unbelievable what a difference that makes in performance not to mention the lowered risk of dryer lint fire. Thanks RDS
Andy G.
RDS Air Conditioning / Rian Saylor just installed a a new air conditioning system. Work was performed as scheduled and quoted. Rian answered all my questions and provided options to air flow concerns. A competitor quoted but never provided the same follow up as Rian. I highly recommend RDS. They are professional, competitive and responsive I am happy to provide a reference.
Gary S.
Rian did an excellent job repairing my air conditioning unit. He was on time, professional and the cost was reasonable.
John D.
Rian at RDS did a great job on my air conditioner! Great service and I would recommend him to anyone.
Nick S.
I would highly recommend RDS Air Conditioning Services. Evan arrived right on time and went straight to work. After servicing and testing our unit he took the time to explain how the unit should be operating. Will certainly use them again.
Michael O.
I would recommend RDS to everyone. We appreciate their great workmanship and honesty.
Debbie A.
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your son today. What an outstanding young man! He was on time, courteous, and very knowledgeable about his work. I am very happy we have found your company!
Kathy K.
RDS is very reliable and both Ryan and his son Evan do an excellent job. They attend to our air conditioning needs with professional courtesy and attention to detail. We have and will continue to recommend them to others.
Diane S.
Having done business with Rian for over 7 year, our opinion is that he is very professional yet totally down to earth. He came up with some very economical solutions to issues and never once tried to upsell us. Just purchased a brand new system from them and expect the same great service for years that we have experienced up until now.
Rob R.

Evan serviced our AC unit this spring and did a nice job. very polite & respectful young man. We like the security of having a serviced unit before we head north for the summer.

Kirk A.

Great family! Excellent service. Highly professional and competent.

Carl D.

To start, we originally were working with Bruno air to have a cleaning done and we were then led to believe that our unit was in dire need of being replaced. Shortly after they serviced our unit, we found that their cleaning job was unsatisfactory and within 3 weeks we called Ryan for a second opinion regarding what we were told. When Ryan evaluated our system we found that the system was barely cleaned at all. Ryan quickly took hold of the situation and was extemly upfront and honest with us regarding what needed to be done. Being conscientious of our budget, Ryan provided us suggestions on how to extend the life of our unit. After notifying Bruno air of our dismay in their services, they offered a free year of cleaning in which they consistently failed to meet expectations due to the fact that they focused more on up selling their services rather than help solve the issues that needing to be addressed. Overall, working with Ryan has been and continues to be stress free as we know we can trust that he will truly work with us to find a solution that best fits our needs and budget.

Greg J.

Rian is professional, trustworthy and reliable. He did an excellent job replacing our complete air conditioning system in our condominium. He and his wife Lori are so pleasant to deal with.

Judy F.

I have used RDS Air Conditioning services on several occasions and I rate them 10 out of 10 for expertise, service, reliability and fair price. I would not use anyone else!

Andrew F.