RDS Air Conditioning, Goldilocks and the Three Bears The Story You Never Heard Before

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Do you remember the story about Goldilocks who wandered through the forest for a walk one day? After a very long walk she came upon the home of three bears and as she entered both tired and hungry from her long walk she discovered some porridge, chairs and beds.

Well, nobody ever heard about the air conditioner system in the three bears home, so I thought I’d share how I recall hearing the story.


Goldilocks noticed three bowls of porridge on the table and as she sat down she discovered one was too hot, another was too cold and then some porridge that “was just right!”. She enjoyed the porridge and then she wanted to take a load off and noticed three chairs nearby.


She sat on the first chair and exclaimed it was too big for her and as she jumped off she made her way to the second chair and found it also to be too big for her but alas the third chair she tried “was just right!”.


She enjoyed a little relaxation and the effects of the long walk and now her full belly was making her very tired so she looked around for somewhere to take a nap and as she made her way upstairs she noticed three beds.


Goldilocks laid down on the first bed and proclaimed “this bed is too hard” so she made her way over to the second bed and found it too soft but the third bed (you guessed it) “was just right!”.


Well, the three bears came home and this is when you thought the story ended as they discovered their place inhabited by Goldilocks but what about their air conditioning unit?


As Goldilocks was earlier trying to adjust the A/C unit she discovered it was not capable of providing her the proper level of comfort she needed after her long and tiring walk through the forest and what you never heard before was the three bears had left because it was just too hot to bear (sorry) with their home being so uncomfortable!


So, before being escorted off the property, Goldilocks called RDS Air Conditioning and we arrived at the home to help the three bears with selecting their new A/C system that would be “just right!”.


The proper system can’t be too large or too small (tonnage). They wouldn’t benefit from higher efficiency if the unit isn’t properly sized (SEER ratings). The duct-work must also be just right and work in concert with the rest of the system (static pressures / system air resistance).


When RDS Air Conditioning was done at “The Bears” home they had a new indoor and outdoor unit installed which “was just right!”


Call us today (239-313-9174) if you feel something just isn’t right about you’re A/C system and RDS Air Conditioning will make it “just right”.

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